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AC Motor Control Basics
An AC motor controller is known as the device that controls the speed of the AC motor. An AC controller can also be referred to as a variable frequency drive, adjustable speed drive, frequency converter and more. The AC motor receives power, which is converted by the AC motor controller into an adjustable frequency. This adjustable output allows the motor speed to be precisely controlled.
What Are AC Motors Used For?
Alternating current or AC motors are basically responsible for keeping the universe humming along. With more than 60 years of experience in the field of AC motors and electronics, American Control Electronics products and adaptations can be found, well - pretty much everywhere. From small to large, AC motors are found in the industrial, commercial and residential markets. AC motors are a great power source for a number of reasons and they are used in pumps, food and beverage machines, automated conveyer equipment, packaging operations, washing machines, electric knife sharpeners, office equipment, ovens, and water heaters - and the list goes on and on.