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What Are AC Motors Used For?

Generic AC Motor
Typical Industrial AC Motor

Alternating current and AC motors are basically responsible for keeping the universe humming along. With more than 60 years of experience in the field of AC motors and electronics, American Control Electronics products and adaptations can be found, well - pretty much everywhere. From small to large, AC motors are found in the industrial, commercial and residential markets. AC motors are a great power source for a number of reasons such as in pumps, food and beverage machines, automated conveyer equipment, packaging operations, washing machines, electric knife sharpeners, office equipment, ovens, and water heaters - and the list goes on and on.

Advantages of AC Motors

AC motors are efficient workhorses for whatever they are tasked to accomplish. They typically don’t have problems with braking, overheating or breakdowns due to high usage. This makes them a great option for high-demand applications such as material handling, pumps, commercial food and beverage dispensing and packaging. The reason they are so durable is because they don’t have a large number of moving parts which is a bonus for use where dependability is key. They work well in agricultural equipment as well as commercial applications where down time means taking a hit on profits - like on a cappuccino machine. And when we at American Control Electronics say AC motors keep the universe humming along, we mean that literally. One of the reasons they are popular with the hospitality industry is they operate with a low hum. This also means if you are dealing with noise constraints in an industrial setting, AC motors are your friend. Then there’s flexibility, AC motors use a simple “on/off” switch or they can operate at variable speeds and power outputs with the use a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), such as an ACF Series motor control. They are great multi-taskers. For example, they can move a package along, stop for sealing, move to shipment processing. You can adjust the speed to move glass bottles, stop for labeling and then roll them along to the packaging area.

They Work in Various Applications

AC motors are available in a variety of stock sizes and options to power home devices such as clocks, disc drives, fans and lawn mowers. In the commercial field, stock sizes power pumps, blowers, compressors and conveyors. American Control Electronics has more than 60 years of motor control design experience so our team is ready to work on an application for an AC motor that you might need. Ever wonder how multiple doors in a hallway can be synced and timed - that’s one of ACE’s custom applications. The motor moves the doors, and the drives do all of the thinking. Do you marvel at how your favorite restaurant can get food out promptly with all those people working back there using equipment over and over again? ACE VFDs and AC motors are likely running the beverage and other dispensing equipment, but we also worked on an efficient motor for a knife sharpening machine that reduces down time.

We Can Help

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