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User Interfaces



Innovate at eye level with display technology from GOT Interface. Put advanced graphics and other information on standard or advanced displays. GOT Interface designs and manufactures components from alphanumeric and graphical LCDs to brand marketing on transparent LED materials. When designed to include flexible circuits and advanced materials, capacitive touch can be included directly on product displays.



Custom Applications

Graphic LED


Users can see dynamic images imposed on transparent materials, on both small and large form factors. Customize product displays with backlit colors, fixed elements and icons on flexible and transparent materials. Display engaging and customized graphical elements such as brand logos and typography, charts and graphics, even video or moving elements. A low-cost option useful for menu navigation and performance results.




Our 25 years of delivering user interface solutions across multiples markets allows us to borrow brilliance across many technology platforms. After extensive analysis of a customer’s requirements in light of all available technologies, our experienced staff will recommend multiple design options of both existing and emerging technologies. Partner with GOT to discover UI solutions that enhance the user experience of your products.


Capacitive Touch


Membrane Switch

3D Gesturing

Support for capacitive button, slider, wheel and complete touch screen formats. Moisture tolerant and glove touch solutions. Ideal technology for many touch and proximity applications. We support a broad range of membrane switch constructions. Allows for gesturing and user interaction above the surface of your product.




Circuits are at the core of many of our products solutions. Our capability to incorporate electrical circuits and components onto flexible substrate materials are second to none. This ability provides several product design benefits including lower costs and reduced weight of circuit assemblies, as well as elimination of costly discrete wire harness and connectors.


Polyester (PET) Circuits

Transparent Touch Sensors

Polyimide Circuits

Fabric Circuits

This thin and lightweight circuit construction allows for fine pitch circuit traces with multi-layer stickups. Flexible circuit with printed transparent touch sensors are a cost-effective alternative to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). Up to 4-layer circuit constructions with SMT and BGA component mounting capability. Large format flexible fabric circuit constructions are ideal for apparel and biomedical sensor applications.




As IoT applications grow, the need for a broad range of sensor inputs expands proportionately. The applications for innovative sensor technology range from medical to industrial to home automation. GOT has extensive experience developing architectures for multi-sensor integrations to bring your product to market quickly. Whether your goal is to collect vital signs data for remote patient monitoring or to sense lighting and heating patterns for a commercial HVAC system, GOT can support your need.


Medical Sensors



Fluid Level

Lightweight and cost-effective sensor solutions for inpatient and remote patient monitoring. Occupancy, temperature, and motion-sensing technologies, as well as industrial ergonomics applications. Flexible force-sensing circuits for industrial and biomechanical applications. Non-evasive fluid level sensing.




The feel and feedback of your User Interface controls are critical to achieving the best User Interaction and Experience (UIX) possible. GOT Interface has over 25 years of delivering all user interface switching technologies. Contact us to discuss selecting the ideal UI technology that will differentiate your product.


Tactile Switches


3D Gesturing

Technologies include domed membrane switch, silicon, and mechanical switch constructions. Technologies include capacitive, infrared, and flat resistive switch constructions. Touchless interface controls with custom gesture capability.




Graphics are the first thing that a customer sees when engaging with your product. GOT Interface has a long history of working with companies to select the best graphic print options that provide product differentiation, aesthetics, and ease of use. Contact us to learn more about how features such as dead fronted graphics and custom backlighting constructions can enhance your product.


Dead-Fronted Images & Icons

Off-Set & Screen Printing

Digital Graphics

Thermoformed Graphics

Images and icons that appear only when back-lit, allowing for seamless menu navigation. Cost-effective high-volume printing capability for graphics and conductive circuits. High resolution multi-color imaging. Incorporate complex geometries and textures into your graphic.




Enclosures are critical for protecting electronic devices and improving aesthetics, ergonomics, durability, EMC shielding, and environmental protection. GOT Interface works with your team to conceptualize, design, prototype, and fabricate enclosures for applications including ruggedized communications, consumer electronics, and in-mold decoration (IMD).



In-Mold Decorating & Modeling

In-Mold Electronics

Safety and Security

Gain cost efficiencies by combining mechanical and electrical engineering CAD processes. Eliminate secondary operations and post-mold labor costs. Streamline production with high- and low-pressure molding processes from GOT Interface. Protect components from electrical shock, excessive heat, or contamination. Product designs include required Ingress Protection (IP) and National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) ratings.




Today, where we can remotely interact with a broad-spectrum of products from cars to coffeemakers, connectivity is a necessity. Many companies are benefiting from the data explosion driven by the Internet of Things (IoT). GOT Interface supports your connection challenges with innovative solutions and borrowed brilliance from our extensive experience.

When it’s time to determine the best architecture for capturing your system sensor outputs, call GOT Interface. We work with your team to determine the best methods for connecting physical devices, like medical devices and consumer electronics, to the internet. GOT supports both wired and wireless interconnection platforms including I2C, SPI, RS-232, RS485, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, ZigBee, Cellular, and LORA.


Home Automation



Connected controls from lighting to appliances. Connected medical devices for electronic health recording. Allows for information exchange including sensors updates, alarms, and system status changes.



Internet of Things

Business Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) applications are driven by data collected from well-designed IoT devices. Cloud-connected products demand specialized design and manufacturing expertise. This is particularly true for small-format devices. The product’s power budget is affected by sensor inputs as well as data security and transmission parameters. GOT Interface helps customers implement efficient and productive Internet of Things (IoT) devices for a broad range of market applications.


Business Operations

Asset Management

Patient Care

Powerful and automated business analytics improves resource allocation. Remotely manage and maintain valuable assets within real estate holdings, shipyards, and warehouses. Medical technology innovation can be put to work in remote patient monitoring and mobile environments.