American Control Electronics has much more bandwidth than the other manufacturers of low HP drives.

Custom Solutions

Our model is built on providing customized solutions to meet your power requirements. Whether you require a DC drive, an AC drive, a custom drive, a custom PCB, custom cabling or a unique firmware solution, our engineering and production teams are ready and able to assist.

Electronic Solutions

Not everything has to be a motor. American Control Electronics has had many successes designing non-motor control solutions for customers. From battery chargers, speaker amplifiers, RF remotes, to encoders and wire cabling, ask how American Control Electronics can solve your issues and simplify your products today.

Motor Control Solutions

For over 60 years, American Control Electronics has been an industry leader in brushed DC motor control up to 5 HP. Whether controlling a motor’s speed or torque, American Control Electronics has a solution for a wide range of applications, from a simple smart current limiter to displacing low-end steppers and servos. We also offer AC & brushless motor control that looks and feels like our DC motor control, simplifying setup and use for customers.

Paneling Solutions

American Control Electronics doesn't just help it's customers become market leaders through design and electronics alone. Many of our OEMs have discovered the benefit of allowing American Control Electronics, a UL508C certified factory, to assemble our control with other components into their panel. This lifts the time and burden from you, you only need to worry about purchasing and stocking one part number, and saves you money.

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