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RGD410-3 DC Motor Control


The RGD Series is an excellent low-cost solution for regenerative applications requiring a NEMA 1 enclosure. The dual AC input voltage not only brakes, but also reverses brushed motors on the fl y. For ease of use, the RGD has panel: power on/off switch, run/brake switch, forward/reverse switch and a speed potentiometer conveniently mounted to the front of the NEMA 1 enclosure. Calibrating the RGD is easy with the on-board trim pots and the deadband setting is automatically compensated for whether 50 or 60Hz power is used. The NEMA 1 enclosure provides protection against most foreign objects and accidental contact. When you have an application that requires quick braking or reversing, but you don’t need a heavy duty NEMA 4X enclosure, the RGD Series is your solution.

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Enclosure Maximum
Power Range Field / Shunt
Braking Reversing Isolation
RGD410-3 NEMA 1 3 115 0 - 90 1/20 - 1/4 .04 - .19 No Yes
230 0 - 90 1/20 - 1/4 .04 - .19
0 - 180 1/10 - 1/2 .07 - .37



  • 4Q Reversing: Regenerative / 4-Quadrant drives have the ability to perform quick and contactorless braking and/or reversing-on-the-fly
  • Field Supply Voltage output to energize the field winding of a shunt-wound motor
  • Tach Feedback: Accepts tachogenerator feedback for tighter speed regulation
  • On-board Fusing: Drives include on-board fusing
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Power, Forward Current Limit, Reverse Current Limit, Forward Direction, Reverse Direction
  • Case Lights: Power

Technical Data

  • 1.37 Form Factor
  • 1% Base Speed Regulation over 50:1 Speed Range
  • 0.1% Base Speed Regulation over 60:1 Speed Range with Tach

Trim Pots

  • Maximum Speed
  • Minimum Speed
  • Forward Acceleration
  • Reverse Acceleration
  • Forward Current Limit
  • Reverse Current Limit
  • IR Compensation
  • Tach

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