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OLD100-1 Display

OLD100-1 Display


Our OLD100-1 digital tachometer is perfect for applications where displaying a numeric value related to an operation is required. Compatible with various types of feedback devices such as Hall Effect sensors, NPN encoders, or electromagnetic pick-ups, incorporating the OLD100-1 into existing systems is easily accomplished. Users can choose from four modes of operation that include tachometer, time in process, time in process monitor, and totalizer. With the ability to accept 115 or 230 VAC power and able to source 5V or 12V, up to 10mA, for feedback devices, the OLD100-1 is ideal for your display needs.

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Input Voltage (VAC)
AC Line
Acceptable Feedback Devices
Power Supply Voltage For Feedback Devices
115 / 230
5.5 watts nominally
Hall Effect Sensor*
Electromagnetic Pickup
5 or 12 VDC NPN-type
encoder or proximity switch*
5 or 12 VDC
@ 10 mA
10 - 20,000 Hz**

* NPN-type feedback devices should have a built-in pull-up resistor or have a pull-up resistor added externally.

Connector kit KTP-0020 is included with the OLD100-10.