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ISO202-1 Isolation Card

Stand Alone

The ISO202-1 is a stand alone isolation card designed to work with any of the American Control Electronics products that can accept a remote analog signal for control. Any application that involves controling a motor drive with a remote analog signal requires isolation. The isolation can be at the signal source, such as in a PLC, or it can be on the drive end. Some American Control Electronics families always have isolation by default, others have isolation as an option that must be populated at the factory, and a few have an adder board that can be installed remotely in the field after initial installation. For all other drives, the ISO202-1 is a necessary component to achieve remote analog control.

Powered by a 115 or 230 VAC single phase power source, the ISO202-1 can accept any DC voltage signal between -250 to +250 VDC, or a current signal of either a 1-5, 4-20, or 10-50 mA range. The ISO202-1 converts any of those analog input signal ranges into an isolated -12 to +12 VDC range @ 10 mA with a 0.01% linearity. High resolution multi-turn trim pots can be used to scale that output range to match the required input of any American Control Electronics control.


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Works with models Mounting Input
# of Output
ISO202-1 All models Stand alone 115 / 230 -250 to +250 VDC
1-5, 4-20, 10-50 mA
-10 to +10 VDC 1


  • Stand alone unit works with any drive
  • Field Installable

Technical Data

  • 0.01% Linearity

Trim Pots

  • Minimum Out
  • Maximum Out

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