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The ISO202-1 signal isolation and conditioning module is the perfect solution to safely connect two grounded or ungrounded electronic devices to one another. The ISO202-1 module can accept current signals in the range of 1-50 mA or DC voltage signals in the range of -250 to +250 VDC. The output is easily scalable from -12 to +12 VDC via high resolution multi-turn trim pots. Isolation is achieved using highly linear Burr-Brown isolation technology. With screw down terminals for all connections and 115 or 230 VAC voltage capability, the ISO202-1 is ideal when the need arises to isolate signals from sensors, PLCs or computers.

Works With Models... Enclosure Input Voltage
Analog Input Ranges
Analog Output Range
ISO202-1 All Models Chassis 115 / 230
-250 to +250 VDC
1-5, 4-20, 10-50 mA
-12 to +12 VDC


  • Stand alone unit works with any drive
  • Field Installable

Technical Data

  • 0.01% Linearity

Trim Pots

  • Minimum Out
  • Maximum Out

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