Custom Motor Control Design

Custom Motor Control Design The technological ‘barriers’ between the capabilities of motor controls, PLC’s, and positioning systems are disappearing. We design & deliver controls with 32 bit Micros on board, and DOZENS of I/O designed in. That increased bandwidth is enabling our customers to simplify their machine control systems as well.

Custom Programming / PLC Displacement

Often, customers have a standard product and state "I really like this drive....but I wish it could XXXX.". They don't need the wheel reinvented, they just need some specialization. Whether it's firmware and/or hardware adaptation, American Control Electronics achieves it with an expanding line of programmable controls. 

For many of our customers, control topology formerly included PLCs and / or servos & motion controllers. Those are now commonly being eliminated…reducing costs, panel space, installation time & labor, and BOM complexity.

Custom Programming


Paneling American Control Electronics doesn't just help it's customers become market leaders through design and electronics alone. Many of our OEMs have discovered the benefit of allowing American Control Electronics, a UL508A certified factory, to assemble our control with other components into their panel. This lifts the time and burden from you, you'll only need to worry about purchasing and stocking one part number, and saves you money.

Wireless Control

American Control Electronics has successfully implemented wireless control in several custom applications. We’ve designed our very own FCC certified RF remote control that operates at 418 MHz frequency from over 500 feet away. The wireless card is designed to mount onto existing microprocessor based drives to allow control of speed, torque, positioning, or parameters. We’ve even created a Bluetooth receiver to allow for control via a mobile device. Imagine being able to calibrate or troubleshoot a drive three stories in the air without ever having to leave the ground. Wireless

Electrical Design (Non-motor Control)

Electrical Design Not everything has to be a motor. American Control Electronics has had many successes designing non-motor control solutions for customers. From battery chargers, speaker amplifiers, RF remotes, to encoders and wire cabling, ask how American Control Electronics can solve your issues and simplify your products today.

Private Labeling

Chances are you've seen an American Control Electronics product out in the field and didn't know it. We private label our products under a large umbrella of brands, including many for internationally known motor manufacturers, OEMs, and distributors. If you're interested in having brand loyalty and custom tailoring of your controls, then a private label may be for you. Private Labeling