Industrial Wrapping Machine Labeling Machine


This design has a stretch wrap cutter arm used for film clamping and cutting. Previously, the OEM was using a competitor’s AC drive with a 1/4HP 230VAC 3 phase motor and gearbox that drove the cutter arm via chain. The VFD also had a PLC providing drive input.

The chain drive design had repeatability & accuracy issues, and carried a high price tag with lots of wiring labor as well. The total system price of the VFD, Chain, and PLC posed a great opportunity for improvement.

ACE suggested a DCH401-5 with a 1/10HP 24VDC motor to go directly on the cutter arm. The DC401-5 is a microprocessor controlled drive with a 115/230VAC input and a 12/24VDC output, with isolation built in. By having a smaller motor directly on the cutter arm the customer had no need for a gearbox or chain to move the arm, and the slack issues were obsoleted.

The ACE DCH401-5 drive also saved panel space and money by eliminating the power supply, isolation card and extra wiring to work with the PLC and motor.

Thanks to American Control Electronics’ solution the customer was able to improve accuracy, slack, reduce system, AND reduce their cost of acquisition.

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