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Hudson Robotics is a leader laboratory automation solutions for life-science research. They provide tools that can be used in areas such as drug discovery, clinical research and pharmaceutical development. When Hudson Robotics designed the SOLO™ high-throughput robotic pipettor, they wanted it to be low cost, but also feature high accuracies down to one microliter.


Hudson Robotics’ engineering team selected the AllMotion EZHR17EN controller to maintain the accuracies they needed for superior operation. The fully intelligent stepper motor controller and driver can easily be bolted onto the back of the stepper motor it controls. At only 1.6-inch x 1.6-inch (40mm x 40mm), the EZHR17EN uses a single, 4-wire bus containing two power and two communications wires and can link up to sixteen stepper motor controllers in a daisy chain format if necessary.


The units can be programmed to do anything expected of a hand-held pipettor, but with greatly improved precision. Operation is facilitated by simply setting up the pipetting steps in Hudson Robotics’ software and then transferring that information by either downloading it to the EZHR17EN's on-board EEPROM for stand-alone operation with no PC connection, or through a communications port, such as RS232, RS485, or a USB-based communications network.




Stepper Motor Control

Hudson Robotics' SOLO Pipettor

Hudon Robotics' SOLOTM

Liquid Handling Automated Pipettor


The AllMotion EZHR17EN controller operated from 12V to 40V and offers up to 20 Million microsteps per second for tight control of the SOLO pipettor operation. The EZHR17EN was used to control the speed of the fill and dispense operations with accuracy. The speed of operation was controlled based on the fluid used, as well as tip size and whether the tip had a filter installed or not. In the research process, the fluid could be water-based, ethanol-based, or glycerol-based. The controller provided the ability to handle from 10 to 200 microliters per second with fully programmable ramps and speeds.


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