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RGM400-1.5 DC Motor Control


The RGM series is a full featured regenerative SCR type drive series designed specifically for demanding applications where quickly stopping or reversing a PMDC motor is a requirement. With a widely used industry footprint standard, these compact 4Q drives eliminate the need for bulky mechanical relays or switches to reverse motor direction. As with all our 4Q drives, these units come standard with user adjustable trim pots for Max Speed, FWD/REV Torque, Acceleration, Deceleration, DB, Min Speed, Tach, and IR Comp. With these adjustments, a drive can easily be tuned to run almost any PMDC motor in the 1/20th to 2 HP range. Also available on the RGM series is a factory installed isolation module that allows the drive to be controlled via a non-isolated 4-20 mA or 0 to ±10 VDC command signal. With many user selectable stopping or enabling modes and Tachogenerator feedback, the RGM series is a versatile drive that can satisfy your reversing and control needs.


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Enclosure Maximum
Power Range Field / Shunt
Braking Reversing Isolation
RGM400-1.5 Chassis 1.5 115 0 - 90 1/20 - 1/8 .04 - .09 No Yes
230 0 - 90 1/20 - 1/8 .04 - .09
0 - 180 1/10 - 1/4 .07 - .19



  • ACE Footprint: Traditional ACE mounting pattern and footprint
  • 4Q Reversing: Regenerative / 4-Quadrant drives have the ability to perfrom quick and contactorless braking and/or reversing on-the-fly
  • Stopping Modes: Inhibit for braking to a stop. Enable for coasting to a stop. Can be used for rapid starting and stopping
  • Configurable Enable and Inhibit: Can be configured to be either normally open or normally closed
  • Quick Disconnect Terminal Allows for quicker wiring and setup
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Forward Current Limit, Reverse Current Limit, Power
  • Tach Feedback: Accepts tachogenerator feedback for tighter speed regulation

Technical Data

  • 1.37 Form Factor
  • 2% Base Speed Regulation over 50:1 Speed Range
  • 0.5% Base Speed Regulation over 60:01 Speed Range with Tach

Trim Pots

  • Maximum Speed
  • Minimum Speed
  • Forward Acceleration
  • Reverse Acceleration
  • Forward Current Limit
  • Reverse Current Limit
  • IR Compensation
  • Deadband
  • Tach