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PWP110-3 DC Motor Control

PWP110-3 DC Motor Control

PWP Series

The PWP series is an economical and compact solution for those who seek the benefits of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology. The almost pure DC voltage provided by the PWP series allows for quieter and cooler operation of any permanent magnet DC motor. The 1.05 form factor of the DC output extends motor brush life and allows for an increase in motor torque throughout the speed range. With a full range of adjustments, such as Maximum Speed, Current Limit, IR Compensation, and available with an isolated input, the PWP series can easily be calibrated to run a wide range of motors from 1/100 to 1 HP. Because of PWMs superiority over SCR technology, this series is the perfect choice for any application where extending motor life is desired.

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Enclosure Maximum
Power Range
SCR Rated (PWM Rated)
Field / Shunt
Braking Reversing Isolation
PWP110-3 NEMA 1 3 115 0 - 90 / 130 1/10 - 1/4 (1/3) .07 - .19 (.25) No No No No


  • On-board Fusing: Drives include on-board fusing
  • Case Lights: Power

Technical Data

  • 1.05 Form Factor
  • 1% Base Speed Regulation
  • 80:1 Speed Range

Trim Pots

  • Maximum Speed
  • Minimum Speed
  • Current Limit
  • IR Compensation