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EZHR17EN Stepper Control from AllMotion

Stepper Motor Controller - AllMotion

AllMotion, a brand of American Control Electronics, designs and manufactures miniature high-performance stepper and servo drives.

The EZStepper was designed to allow the rapid implementation of stepper motor solutions in products requiring automation.

Measuring only 1.6" x 1.6" (40mm x 40mm), the fully intelligent stepper motor Controller + Drivers are designed to be bolted onto the back of the stepper motors that they control. A single 4 wire bus, containing 2 power wires and two communications wires, links up to 16 such stepper motor controllers in a daisy chain. Commands can be issued from any serial terminal program (such as HyperTerminal) or from the EZStepper Windows application.

The Commands are intuitive and simple. For example, the command A10000 will move the stepper motor to Absolute position 10000. (This communications protocol is compatible with devices that use the Cavro DT or OEM protocol.)

The EZStepper is also capable of stand-alone operation with no connection to a PC. It can be set to execute a preset string of commands upon power up (i.e., only power is required in this mode). The Commands include nested loops and execution halt pending a switch closure, which is useful in stand-alone applications.

The EZHR17EN Stepper Motor Controller will work with any stepper motor that is 3" or smaller (size23 or smaller). Our Starter Kits enable a first time user to make a Stepper Motor move intelligently in less than half an hour.

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Type Voltage
Step Resolution # of
Feedback Built-in Interface

Controller + Driver 10 - 40 2 1/21/41/81/161/321/641/1281/256 1 Encoder RS485

* RS232 & USB interface available when used with a RS485 Converter.



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