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Alum-a-Lift designs and manufactures turnkey ergonomic lifting solutions for companies around the world. From single custom units to multiple devices to entire lifting systems, their proven solutions help manufacturers meet their material handling needs safely and efficiently.


Alum-a-Lift was in need a low voltage control in a small footprint with plenty of power, and the DCR300-60 was up to the task. The issue was the standard logic provided at the terminal strip wasn't the ideal configuration for their system. Typically when OEMs encounter a situation like this, they're forced to spend engineering time and money on coming up with their own workaround, typically involving parts being added to the system and the wiring becoming more convoluted. That's not the case when working with a product from American Control Electronics however!

Alum-a-Lift System 1 Alum-a-Lift System 2


ACE engineering modified the the DCR300-60 so that instead of using two dedicated switches for RUN/STOP (terminals EN and COM) FORWARD/REVERSE (terminals DIR and COM), Alum-a-Lift was able to use a RUN FORWARD and RUN REVERSE switch, preventing them from needing to change switch types in their system. Likewise, the input signal was modified for a "wigwag" operation, Standard units use a 0-5 VDC signal to vary the motor from zero to full speed. In wigwag mode, 0 is read as full speed reverse and 5V is full speed forward.


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