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ELC100-10 DC Motor Control

ELC100-10 DC Motor Control

ELC Series

The ELC series is American Control Electronics approach to adding value. We've taken the popular circuit we have and kept the most commonly requested features; 115 VAC input for a 90 VDC permanent magnet motor. We've compressed the physical footprint of the drive to save space for customers who are mounting these units into panels. However, we kept the classic industry standard footprint that American Control Electronics created and is known for.

Potentiometer Kit 202-0066 is included with a purchase of the ELC100-10

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Enclosure Maximum
Power Range Field / Shunt
Braking Reversing Isolation
ELC100-10 Chassis 10* 115 0 - 90 1/8 - 1 .09 - .75 No No No No

*Heat sink kit 223-0159 must be used when the continuous output current is above 5 amps.


  • Low Cost: Designed for cost savings in large quantities for OEMs
  • ACE Footprint and Compact Size: Traditional ACE mounting pattern with smaller footprint uses minimal space
  • Stopping Modes: Inhibt (N.O.) for coasting to stop. Can be used for frequent starting and stopping

Technical Data

  • 1.37 Form Factor
  • 1% Base Speed Regulation
  • 60:1 Speed Range

Trim Pots

  • Maximum Speed
  • Minimum Speed
  • Acceleration / Deceleration
  • Current Limit
  • IR Compensation