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The CLD100-1 closed-loop panel mount display is designed to greatly improve the performance of almost any open loop system by providing tighter speed regulation as well as increasing speed range. Compatible with a variety of feedback devices such as NPN type encoders, Hall Effect sensors, and electromagnetic pickups, the CLD100-1 can easily be setup to control almost any motor drive with its isolated 0-10VDC speed reference output. Programming has been made simple by the use of only 4 parameters that are easily changed via 3 push buttons. It’s bright and large 4-digit display can be set to display any engineering unit from gallons per minute to widgets per day. Our CLD100-1 is versatile, economical, and easy to use in applications that require improved performance.

Input Voltage (VAC)
AC Line
Acceptable Feedback Devices
Analog Output Voltage Range
Power Supply Voltage For Feedback Devices
115 / 230
5.5 watts nominally
Hall Effect Sensor*
Electromagnetic Pickup
5 or 12 VDC NPN-type
encoder or proximity switch*
0 to 10 VDC
5 or 12 VDC
@ 10 mA
10 - 3000 Hz**

* NPN-type feedback devices should have a built-in pull-up resistor or have a pull-up resistor added externally.

** System speed range may be limited by other factors, such as motor type, drive type, feedback resolution, etc.

Connector kit KTP-0020 is included with the CLD100-10.

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