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Wednesday April 28th, 2020


To all American Control Electronics customers,


We’ve continued to manufacture since the Illinois “Shelter In Place” executive order was created over a month ago. Our dedicated employees have stayed safe, working with greatly increased social distancing, enhanced cleaning, and the use of PPE. The dedication and pride showing in the products we make here in the Upper Midwest has NEVER been more evident. As a result, our quality metrics are as good as ever.


Our plan is to continue to produce, and support our customers. Component shortages HAVE occurred, but both our Supply Chain & Production leadership has stepped up and managed them to keep our processes operating with no compromises in quality whatsoever.


It’s been a very trying 6-8 weeks….and it isn’t over. We’ve ‘learned a new way to walk’, in a VERY short time. How much longer we’ll have to operate in this challenging environment is unknown. But, you can be confident that we’ll continue to produce your products with the reliability, attentiveness and sense of urgency that you’ve come to expect.


We wish everyone good health, AND a rebounding business environment, as soon as possible!


Thank you for your continued support.


Dan Schnabel